ESULaB 2019

European Symposium on Ultrafast Laser driven Biophotonics

September 4 - 6 // Jena, Germany // Friedrich Schiller University


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Peter M. Vogt </br> - Coherent Europe BV - </br>

"While maintaining quality throughput and complexity of research work have steadily increased over the last years. Scientists often find themselves more in the role of an information manager. The goal is not to know as much as possible, but rather to know where to find the information. Especially if it comes to experimental setup and lab infrastructure research results have been boosted by applying new combinations of available hard and software technologies. A good example is the use of DMD (Digital Micro mirror Device) as a spatial light modulator in microscopy. These DMDs had already been used for many years in display and astronomy applications. Therefore in this conference we would like to bring together scientists from different disciplines to share their experience on emerging technologies and setups. What is common is the use of Ultrafast lasers and the main topics belong to burgeoning field of Biophotonics."

Peter M. Vogt
- Coherent Europe BV -
Juergen Popp </br> - Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology - </br>


Juergen Popp
- Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology -

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