25. March 2019

Daniele Brida

Ultrafast Er:fiber lasers and new routes to microscopy and spectroscopy

University of Luxembourg / Luxembourg

Femtosecond Er:fiber laser offer unique opportunities for driving advanced microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. In fact Er:fiber systems offer the possibility of generating tunable and synchronized pulses in a broad frequency range owing to tailor-made highly nonlinear fibers. This characteristic is perfectly suited for coherent Raman microscopy operating at the full repetition rate of the laser and allowing for fast functional imaging. Another application consists in implementing a high frequency modulation scheme of the time delay for time resolves experiments with extreme sensitivity. Finally the latest results on the control of electronic tunneling in plasmonic circuits promises to access physical phenomena at the nanoscale with unprecedented temporal resolution.

Short Bio: 
Daniele Brida completed his studies at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) where he obtained his PhD in physics in 2010. Since then he was appointed assistant professor at the Physics department of Politecnico di Milano and later joined University of Konstanz as visiting scientist (2010-2011) and later as full time group leader as member of the local society of advanced studies and holder of an Emmy Noether fellowship. Since 2018 he is full professor at the university of Luxembourg.
His main scientific interests are the generation of broadband optical pulses ranging from UV to the THz spectral region, their temporal compression down to few optical cycles. He also exploits such ultrashort pulses for condensed-matter spectroscopy with extreme temporal resolution.