29. March 2019

Marloes Groot

Instant pathology with higher harmonic generation

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Intra-operative assessment of tissue, for example to determine whether excised tissue contains tumor cells or not, represents one of the major unmet-clinical needs at the moment. 
By an ‘instant’ pathology method the quality of surgery can be improved, the need for a second surgery minimized and correlation with pre-operative imaging methods may further enhance the interpretation of pre-operative images, and improve diagnosis. A technique that meets these requirements is third and second harmonic generation (THG/SHG) microscopy, whichis non-invasive, label-free and provides 3D images with a high, sub-cellular resolution, within seconds [1,2].

In my talk, I will present our results on human brain tumor samples, where normal brain was discriminated from infiltrative glioma with 96.6% sensitivity and 95.5% specificity, in nearly perfect (93%) agreement with pathologic scoring [3] and concurring results were reached in healthy breast tissue [4]. I will present artificial intelligence – based real time diagnosis of tissue, and I will present the first results of measurements taken with a transportable system in the lung surgery room. 

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